DOTCOM equips the solution from scratch to the market.

Firmware Development

At dotcom we have a team of firmware developers who are passionate. read more

Hardware Development

We have a team that they can design the Hardware and PCB.read more

Software Development

We strongly believe that the SDLC is essentialread more

Web & App Development

At dotcom we have professionals and certifiedread more

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

At dotcom we have a global technological read more

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

At dotcom we take the obscure idea of our client. read more

PCB Designing

We have brilliant PCB designers who areread more

Enclosure Designing

The experts follow the approach of Sketch read more

Server Integration

At dotcom we deliver cloud computing read more


DOTCOM is a fusion of designers, developers, makers, researchers, marketers and analysts and hence DOTCOM can provide the services in a different verticals.


We believe in our core values because it helps us in sustainability for the long run.


We follow a collaborative culture because we believe in teamwork and that leads us to achieve our definite goal.


We follow the approach of adaptability because we believe that in every business it is an essential part.


We must ensure the commitments that we give to our customers because for us our customers are "King" and whatever they demand it needs to be fulfilled by us.

quality oriented

We must believe in quality-oriented work. Because we love the compliments from our clients and for that, we die-hard to furnish our best result.


Diversity is vital in the IT industry as we know how rapidly technologies are changing.

continuous learning

Learning is a lifelong process and based upon our past experiences we must say that continuous learning is an essential part for organizations and individuals.

customer relation

We must believe that customer relations is a dominant part of every business.

technological partners

DOTCOM believes in delivering the remarkable solution from scratch to the market ensuring easy to use, stupendous functionality, and quality-oriented. That is why DOTCOM has partnered up with the world's best gigantic technological companies that the industry has to offer.


DOTCOM is a leading IOT company and it is certified with the highly top-rated company on GoodFirms and Clutch.