“IoT” The Influencing The Industry

IOT emerging technology is influencing the industry such as smart home automation, smart energy & utilities, smart retail, smart transportation, smart city, wearable’s, agriculture, healthcare, industrial IOT and so on.

clean tech

Do you know how the environmental damages are happening at both local & global level? How the US-EPA (United State - Environmental Protection Agency, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) agencies are researching on the protection of the environmental damages. Environmental parameters like water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, waste management, industrial pollution and many more.

Hence, we are focusing more on clean-tech development. We have developed the Prkruti Device which is specially designed for Outdoor Air Quality. It can be deploy on an areas which is highly polluted. The Prkruti device is a solar powered, IOT enabled robust technology which can detects the environmental parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Noise and also measure the Co2, Co, No2, CH4, NH3, O3, and So2.


Revolutionized IOT technology has changed the whole scenario of the healthcare industry. The IOT in healthcare market size globally is projected to reach USD 534.3 billion by 2025 and CAGR 19.9% by the forecast period according to Grand View Research Inc.

IOT is a valuable addition to the healthcare industry and it can be helpful in many ways such as it is more convenient technology for both the doctors and patients. It can be advantageous in many ways like it can reduce the expenses, improve the treatment process, better disease control, fewer mistakes, medicine control, and maintenance of the medical devices.

Prkruti Lite is a first compact device which can measure the harmful substances in the environment and it is specially designed for Indoor Air Quality. Prkruti Lite detects Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), CO₂ eq (Carbon Dioxide) concentrations, Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and Noise, around you. To measure the harmful substances you just need to install the Prkruti Lite App in your android devices, then plug the device into your Android mobile phone and instantly get real-time data updates on the air around you. Through remote alerts, air quality maps, graphs, and IAQ notifications.

smart city

Do you know why governments are working and spending money on a smart city? According to research, people are getting more urbanized. 65% of the world's population will be living in cities by 2040. There are 1.3 million people are moving into cities every day.

We at dotcom are also working on a smart city. We have invented a smart parking solution. Smart parking solution is the combination of the LoRaWAN based IoT nodes and gateways that will give you the exact location for the available free space to park the car.

The smart applications can help to identify the status of the parking slots remotely. Not only that but for future enhancement "Pay & Park" model which help the user to pay for the selected parking space remotely.

agro tech

Smart Agriculture is one of the finest solutions. By applying the IOT technology we can improve the quality of agriculture products. Smart Agriculture may include Smart Farming, Smart Cattle, Cattle Health Tracking, Soil Monitoring, Autonomous Irrigation, and Agriculture Processing.

smart retailer

According to Grand View Research, the market value of IOT in retail will grow to $94.44 billion by 2025.

We have designed two distinctive product. One is IOT QR Code Reader, which is best for reading the offline QR code data to the online and update the data via MQTT protocol and it also supports OTA (Over the Air) updates.

Another product that is NFC Reader Application based on custom NFC reader firmware and application. NFC Reader works extremely well to read and write the tags with software crypto - 1. For displaying the data there is a desktop based Java Application.

This is how IOT world for the retail industry are evolving.

Industrial IOT (IIOT)

According to the research, the estimated market for Industrial IOT is to reach $123.89 Billion by 2021.

The Market for the Industrial IOT is immense such as in production & manufacturing, logistic & supply chain management, oil & gas, transportation, energy & utilities, mining & metals, and aviation and there are still more in the market.

Smart Home Automation

Do you know how the demand for smart home automation is boosting? According to the research, the global market for smart home automation is projected to reach $81,645 million by 2023. The market growth for smart home automation is increasing because of the awareness for efficient usage of energy, increasing electricity prices & technological advancement.

6LowPAN is IPV6 based Low Power Personal Area Network. This is specially designed for the embedded solution to the connected home appliances. It is an ultra-low-power wireless connected device that can continuously run on a single coin battery cell.