DOTCOM provides a top-notch solution including embedded firmware development, hardware development, original design manufacturing, original equipment manufacturing, UI/UX design, web & app development, maintenance & support, and quality analyst.


  • dotcom Technologies LLP is the part of the D&K group and it is the leading Software Solution Company based in Surat, India.

  • We strongly believe and follow the agile SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) steps for the rapid product prototyping and fast reach to the market.

  • We are offering the services like Firmware Design, Custom Hardware Design, Cloud Solution, ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), Smart-phone Application Development, Web Design, UI/UX Design, etc. .

  • We also have individual QA team to ensure the quality of the product for the long run that can use in any environment.

Firmware Development

At dotcom we have a team of firmware developers who are passionate about to create firmware for embedded hardware. They follow the instruction because firmware follows the instruction. For the firmware development, we follow the approach of clear & concise of the statement because firmware can design only when you have a clear understanding of the statement.

Hardware / PCB Development

We have a team that they can design the Hardware and PCB (Printed Circuit Board). We at dotcom follow the approach of Understanding the requirements, profound research, POC (Proof of Concept), BOM (Bill of Material), etc. We also maintain the quality assurance to get the best result on field.

Software Development

We strongly believe that SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) is essential for the development of software. We have a marvelous team of a software designer who can design what you have dreamed of. We can design the software for large enterprises as well as small.

Web & App Development

At dotcom we have professionals and certified employees who have years of experience in Web & App development. We follow the approach of an industry-specific solution, user-friendly design which can increase the level of customer experience.

Enclosure Designing

The experts follow the approach of Sketch design, CAD (Computer Aided Design), 3D printing, and Die design.


At dotcom we have a global technological partner. We strongly believe in providing value-added services to our client.


At dotcom we take the obscure idea of our client and give them original design manufacturing.

Server Integration

At dotcom we deliver cloud computing services that integrate your data, and secure them.