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iot qr code reader

client synopsis

The Client has an exclusive solution with the QR coder readers for the Gift-cards, tickets and access points, but the problem is, they all are offline.

The client was looking for the detailing of the QR code readers at Azure cloud to track every digital card, bundles, tickets, and coupons.

business challenge

The client has different QR code readers having a different manufacturer with same USB protocol for the communication.

The client needs to integrate this reader solution along with the access points for the entry and exit at visitor gate as well, not only that he was also looking for the Azure integration for all statistical analysis.

Contribution by dotcom

dotcom has designed an exclusive solution for its client.

We developed “Custom Firmware” for the hardware that integrates the USB Hs/Fs, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and digital iOS to trigger the access points.

there are a few interesting features for the solution
  • Seamless cloud connectivity with Ethernet

  • MQTT integration with Azure and rest API for the Client’s backend web

  • OTA update with external Flash

  • USB Hs/Fs, RS232, and RS485 communication port

  • Fully compatibility with any USB based QR code reader

  • MbedTLS for the data integrity

  • TFT display integration to check the status



  • The client getting the compatibility with any USB based QR code reader and ability to make them online with Azure cloud connective.

  • That’s too easy for the client, to update the firmware via OTA update for any future enhancement and from the remote location.

  • MbedTLS brings the security of the data.

  • Easy to install and plug and play solution brings the ability to set up the hardware with just fingertip.

Desktop NFC Reader Application

client synopsis

A well-known company from Denmark has wanted a solution for NFC Reader application.

business challenge

The client was looking for the custom firmware engineering with the existing hardware that was unable to support read and writes functionality with the existing NFC reader IC chipset.

Contribution by dotcom

Innovatively designed the Firmware for NFC Reader Application.

Elegantly designed the Java-based Desktop Application to read the data.

Used the FreeRTOS operating system with the software crypto-1.


  • With the help of newly designed firmware, the client can seamlessly the write, read and modify the content of the iSO 14443 NFC tags with the desktop application.

  • Not only that, but we have also provided the solution for the password based read and write protection.

Smart Seed Machine Controller

client synopsis

India based Agriculture client wants to design the Smart Seed Machine Controller, to autonomously control the Seeding machine.

business challenge

The client needs a solution in the existing system only. In the existing system, they do all the functions manually.

Design the hardware and firmware according to the existing system, which can feet appropriately to the ground wheel.

The hardware which is robust and works in any hazardous climate situation.

The client need solution which can maintain the seed to seed distance manually and adjust the seed pitch accordingly.

Additionally, we have to synchronize and maintain the seed pitch with respect to the tractor speed controller which can allow the farmer to add the seed to seed distance for the different types of seed.

Contribution by dotcom

The team of the dotcom has designed the Smart Seed Machine Controller exactly what the client is looking for

The team of the dotcom has designed the Smart Seed Machine Controller exactly what the client is looking for

The prime purpose of the controller is to synchronize and maintain the seed pitch with respect to the tractor speed controller, which allow the farmer to add the seed to seed distance for the different type of the seed.

We have developed the Smart Seed Machine Controller System which can maintain row to row space, maintain the distance between the seed, depth of the seeds, and cover the seed with the soil, seed to seed space & depth, and compaction over the seed.


  • The farmer doesn't have to spend money on manpower.

  • It saves a lot of energy, efforts and time of the farmer.

  • Saves the labor cost.

  • To give high yield crops.

  • One at a time multiple seeds can be the crop.

  • Reduce the wastage of the seeds.

Indoor Oxygen Maintenance System

client synopsis

The client has a blurry idea that he wants to maintain the level of the oxygen at indoor work premises for the batter work efficiencies.

business challenge

According to the research it depicts that we spent more time in indoor than the outdoor and indoor air quality is 8 times worse than the outdoor.

We have recognized the problem that if the oxygen level decreases in the closed environment then it directly affects on the human body. We human’s exhale carbon dioxide (Co2), concentrations of Co2 in occupied indoor spaces are higher than concentrations outdoors.

Due to the low level of oxygen, it may cause the problem such as low work performance, shortness of breath, headache, restlessness, dizziness, high blood pressure, chest pain, lower decision making, uneasiness, and rapid breathing, etc.

The body can store food, water but it can't store oxygen. Every minute that we are alive, we must continuously provide our cells with a stream of fresh oxygen.

And for that reason, the client wants to generate artificial oxygen when the level of oxygen is reduced by 21% in indoor premises.

Contribution by dotcom

dotcom has designed the stupendous solution for Smart Oxygen Monitoring system.

To measure the oxygen level for the indoor premises we have used the alpha O2 sensor and the calibration of the sensor is difficult but even though we have made possible.

Design the firmware in such a way that if the oxygen level decreases below the 21% then wireless sensor node sends a command signal to another controller node that will be connected to an oxygen cylinder and that will trigger the oxygen cylinder.

Each controller node contains the solenoid gas valve that will open the cylinder cock in order to spray the oxygen. As soon as the level of the oxygen reaches to satisfactory, the sensor node once again sends the control command to the controller board to turn off the oxygen cylinder.


  • Improve indoor environment quality by generating artificial oxygen.

  • People are more efficient in their work and also increase their decision making.

  • If the human body gets the exact amount of oxygen then it makes them fresh all the time.

  • The exact amount of oxygen can save us from many diseases.

  • According to research, it shows that if the human body gets the exact amount of data then they don't need to do exercise also.

Smart Fan Controller

client synopsis

A leading company based in the United States wants the solution for the Smart Fan Controller.

business challenge

The crucial challenge for the dotcom is to fit all the stuff with a single enclosure like, measure the power consumption, control the fan speed, fan LED dimming and color combination, temperature/RH measurement, PIR based smart trigger and may more.

The client needs all in one solution such as he wants to control room temperature & humidity, automatic light ON/OFF, smoke detector with fire alarm security, detect the human presence and client also wants to control the speed of fan automatically.

Moreover, the client requirement is he wants high security and with the OTA (Over the Air) updates. The client wanted to do all things by Wi-Fi so that it can be run on any device.

Contribution by dotcom

The dotcom have invented the phenomenal solution for the client.

Develop the marvelous firmware and the hardware for the Smart Fan Controller in which it can run multiple functionalities same at a time like temperature & humidity measurement, light ON/OFF, smoke detects and turn on the siren, presence of the human, and fan speed controller.


  • The innovative solution provides the compatibility with any existing fan to control the fan speed, LED light dimming, and precisely power consumption monitoring from the remote location via the Android/iOS app.

  • Not only that, but all in one solution also act as a smoke detector to alert the user in a critical situation during the fire and send a quick notification to your loved ones.

Iot Gate Opener

client synopsis

A well-known client from Ireland wants IOT based solution for Gate Opener having cellular connectivity.

business challenge

The client was looking for the very low power IOT solution for the gate open with the cellular connectivity with the AWS integration.

The client wants to operate his Smart Gate remotely & automatically from all over the world.

The client was also looking for the hardware engineering services to manufacture a very compact solution that can be operated with the battery.

Contribution by dotcom

That’s little difficult to design the low power cellular IOT solution, but a solution provider we accepted the challenge and suggested NB-IOT for the IoT connectivity.

dotcom team has designed the spectacular IOT enables a solution for the gate opener.

Development with the nRF9160 for the cellular IOT with the LTE Cat-M and NB-IOT and GPS functionality for the location tracking.

Implement with the MQTT protocol with AWS integration.

Provide mbedTLS transport layer security.

Provided very compact hardware solution to easily integrate and fit.

Implement the power saving modes to operate the hardware with single charge over a very long period.

Elegantly designed the Android, iOS app and Web design for the IoT solution.

OTA (Over the Air) update for the remotely updating firmware from the remote location.


  • The user doesn't hesitate by the opening & closing gate because the user can operate from anywhere. Either the user is inside the car or anywhere in the world.

  • The high security so that no one can use your car parking space without your permission.

  • The user gates the real-time data of the gate status continuously.

  • If in case of user forget to close the door it will notify the user via smart application..

  • Moreover, if someone unethically does something with your gate opener then it also notifies you.